Monday, July 11, 2011

IRL Friend Recruitment

I'm thinking of joining a WoW Meetup group to add a little diversity to my dwindled stock of RL friends. It might not seem like diversifying since I have plenty of WoW-playing friends already, but
they're all online. I need people that I can hang out with in Manhattan, eat dinner together and be that obnoxious group getting more and more garrulous with every pitcher of beer. I need something spontaneous instead of typed out. Something tactile (as long as they're not too gross to hug).

Basically, I'm trying to form culturally acceptable social bonds, which makes me annoyed with myself. Since when do I care that mainstream culture values internet relationships less than face-to-face interaction? In high school, my graduating class voted me Most Non-Conformist, and I got voted Most Unique in middle school. Now, I'm trying to meet a quota for friends who know what I look like in 3D? The years have not been kind to my character, and I'm not talking toons.

On the other hand, I always wondered what it'd be like to dungeon with people I know IRL. We could have LAN parties, strategize without Vent lag, and when someone is standing in fire, the person next to him can just smack him into attention. And then again, I might be the only girl there, and it could be super awkward.

Well, it wouldn't be too awkward if there are cute WoW players who go to Meetup groups to socialize with other gamers.

But really.

There won't be.


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  1. Finding friends not too gross to hug is somewhat difficult... but not impossible!