Tuesday, July 19, 2011

:*( for realz.

I almost ragequit WoW last week. My guild has been working on Alysrazor, and even though we’ve already downed it 10 man, everything is always more difficult with 15 more asshats in play. Apparently, I’m one of those asshats, because for the life of me, I cannot do the fucking Starfox rings without falling to my death.

Call me a noob if you want. Go ahead! It turns out I am too stupid to go through rings in 3D while casting spells. By the time I epic failed for the fifth time, I was on the verge of tears, having flashbacks of Twin Emps tanking and asking my raid to kick me. I’m not used to failing so badly at PvE (PvP is another story), and I obviously wasn’t handling the news very well that I might actually be bad at this game. It was enough to make me want to /gquit and spend the rest of my WoW life RPing in Dustwallow Marsh as Tabetha’s BFF.

On Thursday, I spent the rest of the night killing adds on the ground, but typical gamer and raider, I feel like I have to prove to the raid and to myself that I’m a competent player who doesn’t have to be relegated to the simple jobs for fear of fucking up the important stuff. As a dedicated constituent of the gaming subculture, my self-worth depends on the confidence that I am a skilled player and a valued member of my raid team. If I can’t do this, I’m going to end up one of those DPS that can do great damage but that no one can rely on to do anything complicated. I’m going to be a mage!

I am so angry with Blizzard for creating this fight. It’s bad enough that I have to play a platform game to do my dailies, but I also have to barrel roll to raid? Call me a noob. If I stop posting, it means I threw myself in lava thinking about the good old days of Burning Adrenaline and class calls. Remember this shiz?!!!


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