Thursday, August 29, 2013

Moby Elegon

I have to admit. Lately, I've been pretty lucky with mount drops. I got the Attumen mount while farming for Raiding with Leashes pets, some of which seemed to have even smaller drop rates than the mount. Plus, just from weekly runs of Tempest Keep, I got the Ashes of A'lar even though I know plenty of people who want it way more than I ever did. However, all of this is meaningless when the most elusive and most heavily prized mount of all is still out there...

The Quest for Elegon.

I've never been into mount farming before. Frankly, it seemed too sadly similar to the lottery: investing time or money into something with an abysmal chance at payoff while clinging to the mantra of "You gotta be in it to win it." Yes, the chance of getting a rare mount is zero if you never bother running the dungeon, but it's not much higher than that even running it. And though it might not cost two dollars to do MSV, the time it takes to complete the instance while dragging along a bunch of fresh 90s adds up even more quickly than a couple of bucks a week.

Yet, my obsession with this mount coupled with the inherent murderous intent involved in killing bosses is downright Captain Ahab-ian except that instead of a white whale, it's a flying serpent made of stars. Maybe my guild should be watching for signs of my sanity slowly degrading into a monomaniacal suicide mission into the Engine of Nalak'sha.

Or they might just call me a noob for falling into it.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Top 4 crushes of all time or just the weirdest ones?

I'm going to go ahead and speak for everyone and say that we've all had our little crushes on game characters or comic book heroes or anthropomorphic cartoons. Today, I've decided to list a few of my own crushes that stand out in my mind.

4. Malygos (Warcraft universe)

It wasn't that I had a crush on a dragon per se. Rather, the antics of the aforementioned war-mongering bitch Alexstrasza led me to think about how hard things must have been for him: losing all of his children, all of those years alone with his madness, coming out of it only to see the short-lived races irresponsibly unleashing magic on the world like ants destroying a picnic. I guess I felt sorry enough for him to throw him a hypothetical pity lay. Besides, seeing as how he drove Keristrasza insane, he must be really kinky in bed.

3. Hershel Layton (Professor Layton series)

Ever since Curious Village, I've been in love with this English gentleman, and who could resist? He's super smart, willing to face danger in order to solve a mystery, polite and kind to everyone, and super smart! Plus, he has that type of tragic love story that people tend to romanticize. On top of all of that, he's just damn handsome. I mean just look at those beady little eyes and that thin-lined smile and his rectangular head with rounded corners... Wait... I'm just naming lines and shapes.

Sexy lines and shapes.

2. Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury)

This crush is a little embarrassing since apart from her skimpy outfit barely covering her giant boobs, I'm now having a little trouble thinking of what else I could have been attracted to about her.


It was the boobs.

1. Fox McCloud (Star Fox)

With the best gaming OST ever made as the soundtrack for our love in space, this rebel fox and his polygonal ship melted my 8-year-old heart with his chaotic good opposition to greater evil and his loyalty to his friends. I remember finding out in the Nintendo Power comics that he was in a relationship with Fara Phoenix and feeling absolutely crushed. It was the first time I had ever experienced that kind of jealousy, and it was towards an animated anthropomorphic fox. My feelings for him have gradually subsided into a smoldering ember of what it used to be, but every now and then, it flares right back up again into a nerdy flame of RP desire even twenty years later.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Woes of the One Percent

Sorry about the long hiatus, everyone. I had a bunch of school obligations, and then I made a big move from NYC to Myrtle Beach, so life has been a bit hectic the past few months. But RP Your Life! is back and ready to provide a weekly dose of that delusional and escapist charm that you've always loved.

Through all of my raiding with casual and (subpar) guilds over the years, I've always wondered what it would feel like to actually finish content and be on that magical status that is "farm." Apart from joining a guild already farming Blackwing Lair, I've never actually progressed through and completed an instance before. Now that my 13/13H guild is clearing Throne of Thunder in three and a half hours, ...

I am soooooo bored.

It's not the extra free time that's boring since I'm pretty adept at wasting time in Azeroth. Rather, it's the fact that raid night, once so full of engaging problem-solving and difficult maneuvers through environmental traps while maximizing personal performance, has become a mindless walkthrough where the bosses have as much zone-out potential as the trash. Recently, the only time I turn my brain back on is to make sure I don't die on Dark Animus, and coincidentally, that is the about the only fight I actually enjoy nowadays. I've virtually become one of those adrenaline junkies that only feels alive when s/he's jumping out an airplane or off a cliff and risking death just to relish the pounding of my heart rushing blood through my veins! Except you know... it's in-game death.

My fellow raider assures me that this is a classic raider's plight: the necessity of finishing content as fast as possible to earn a good rank and spending the rest of the tier farming to ensure a decent rank next patch. But I can't believe that I was actually happy wiping over and over on Lei Shen and pulling out my hair every time a guildie fell of the edge. Now, I'm waiting not too patiently for the next patch, which seems might still be a month away, but when it finally does arrive, you'll probably find me in a fetal position on the floor after the ordeal of progressing through fourteen new encounters in one week and wishing we were on farm again.

Interested in my Tier 15 kills? Check out my guild's YouTube channel. Here are a few of my favorite videos from this tier, featuring our good luck charm, Death-Prone Ele Shaman: