Friday, April 24, 2015

RIP and GL with reroll, buddy.


Things on Which You Can Blame a Hardcore Death in D3:


1. Disconnects/Game lag

2. Public game trolls that purposely try to kill other players

3. Stonesinger reflecting a party member's projectile at you

4. Waller/Arcane Enchanted

5. Your roommate walking near you at the exact time your character dies

That's right, OG Priest.

There's no way you can make it my fault that you died in a high-level GRift just because I happened to karate chop my way to your side of the apartment when you were fighting an elite pack. Blame the maze of arcane lasers that sliced your wizard in half, not the gentle footfalls of a tiny Korean kunoichi leaping with measured grace into your area. How could a sneaky cat like me even have been a distraction? I was practically invisible. Even though I was definitely performing some super sick moves all up in it, there was no way any of that could have contributed to your character exploding when I was the stealthiest ninja the world has ever not seen.


Totally not my fault.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

They must be better at cleaning up than succeeding at 95% missions.

Twenty-one mine work orders go through the roof of this lean-to.

This past weekend, my boyfriend came to visit for six days, and I pretty much took a mini-vacation from logging into WoW since I was busy shopping in Hollywood, going to the beach, and watching him eat his weight in gourmet hamburgers and vanilla fudge while wondering by how many years exactly I'm going to outlive him. When I finally logged in for raid on Tuesday night, my garrison was in an eerie state of decency. My work orders were neatly piled up and waiting for me to retrieve them, and my followers were doing their usual rounds of the property and waving hello as I discretely scanned their necks for hickies and tried to discern any hints of alcohol wafting from their seemingly sober persons. The barracks were free of any toilet paper strewn around their towers, none of the gold gathered from missions was missing, and the outhouse wasn't knocked over. After six days without their commander constantly coming and going with super serial concerns about war and ambiguous but necessary resources, I half-expected to find the center fountain playing host to a clothing-optional pool party/bubble bath with Ziri'ak stuck holding a tray of champagne. Yet, as I leaned over my missions table with Lieutenant Thorn greeting my return with a smile, it looked like my charges had kept everything in complete order.

What a bunch of squares.


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Consider this an experiment in karma.


Mythic Blackhand is upon my guild, and as we're talking strategy and how to down him in a reasonable amount of time, the discussion reaches the issue of class comp and how certain people have to make sacrifices to ensure we don't make the fight any harder than it has to be. Be it certain melee making room for rogues or melee making room for any ranged class at all, the core roster is working itself to conform to proven effective compositions, and we're pulling all the undergeared alts from the bench. In this final push for a decent rank, a select few players who care about the good of the raid over personal attachment to their classes or characters they've played for years are putting on a stoic face and honorably stepping up to a new challenge...