Friday, April 24, 2015

RIP and GL with reroll, buddy.


Things on Which You Can Blame a Hardcore Death in D3:


1. Disconnects/Game lag

2. Public game trolls that purposely try to kill other players

3. Stonesinger reflecting a party member's projectile at you

4. Waller/Arcane Enchanted

5. Your roommate walking near you at the exact time your character dies

That's right, OG Priest.

There's no way you can make it my fault that you died in a high-level GRift just because I happened to karate chop my way to your side of the apartment when you were fighting an elite pack. Blame the maze of arcane lasers that sliced your wizard in half, not the gentle footfalls of a tiny Korean kunoichi leaping with measured grace into your area. How could a sneaky cat like me even have been a distraction? I was practically invisible. Even though I was definitely performing some super sick moves all up in it, there was no way any of that could have contributed to your character exploding when I was the stealthiest ninja the world has ever not seen.


Totally not my fault.


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