Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I really just wanted the loot goblin pet.

Aaaaaaaand I'm bored.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Three people carrying twenty-two others is normal for LFR anyway.

Do people in your LFR look like this?
This week, I pre-purchased the WoD expansion and immediately used my free level 90 boost, and despite the provided gear being quite adequate ilvl-wise, it sure makes anyone wearing it look craptastic. Even if it's 483 ilvl, it's embarrassing to queue for LFR with that glaring green color on all my gear like a giant neon sign reading "Pick on me even though plenty of people in epics do worse DPS." No wonder some people have been so quick to complain about boosted 90s even though they're often being played by competent raiders.

On my new mage, I've actually been using my H Garrosh title for the first time since I've earned it just so I'm not grouped in with people who boost to 90 in a random spec and spend LFR pressing one button every ten seconds. Call me lame, because that's what it is. It feels like I'm wearing one of those cheesy bumper stickers that claims, "My other car is a Ferrari," while I'm driving a rusty lemon into Jin'Rokh and missing.

To all the Silent Heroes out there braving LFR in these noob and difficult times, I salute you.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Not counting the twelve hours of sleep I get every day.

My Life in Pictures




Now that we're done for the rest of the week, what do I do now?

 Caster melee fight!

Get bored of D3:

This is so much fun for thirty minutes!

Watch ads to earn currency on The Sims microtransaction store:


Slim Jim... Made from stuff guys need...

Watch random documentaries on Netflix:


The financial plight of the professional athlete is indeed pitiable,
and I definitely have a parasite.

Job hunt:


What do you do with a B.A. in English?


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Boring times call for desperate measures.

After much soul-searching and contemplation of what it really means to farm the same content for six months, I've decided to finally commit the highest betrayal of my class just to have something to do.

I'm going to level a mage.

Sure, I could level plenty of other things, but unless I want to foolishly run head-first into a mob and start whacking at it like a cretin, what is there that I don't already have? I could make another lock, but it'd be like a sad younger brother of my main that never gets to play with anything first, never gets the same high expectations, and ends up the fifth best realtor at a strip mall agency.

But, after all these years, I'm finally going to work through the reasons that underlie my apprehension to "be" a mage: the fact that they aren't willing to go to greater lengths for magical power, their obsession with rules and bureaucracy, their dainty hands. Can I get over my deep-seated prejudices and embrace a new way of life?

In an effort to ease my conscience, I turned to my fellow warlocks for advice on how to resolve my issues. Besides the usual unhelpful assertions that it's just a game, the most intriguing suggestion I got was to just completely abandon my identity as a prideful warlock and view mages as, not better or worse, but different. She claimed that the two classes get along fine. Suddenly, my career-long belief that mages and warlocks look down on each other was shattered! Have I been living a delusion this whole time, a shameful bigot who unnecessarily shut myself off from others because of petty differences?

Well, it's time to end all of that. I'm opening myself up to new experiences and new ways of thinking. The Kirin Tor aren't magical dictators; they offer guidance and protect us from succumbing to the intoxicating power of magic. The mages of Stormwind are my peers, and Dalaran is my capital. It's an exciting journey with brand new eyes, and I'm going to take it!

Right after I play some Diablo 3.