Thursday, August 29, 2013

Moby Elegon

I have to admit. Lately, I've been pretty lucky with mount drops. I got the Attumen mount while farming for Raiding with Leashes pets, some of which seemed to have even smaller drop rates than the mount. Plus, just from weekly runs of Tempest Keep, I got the Ashes of A'lar even though I know plenty of people who want it way more than I ever did. However, all of this is meaningless when the most elusive and most heavily prized mount of all is still out there...

The Quest for Elegon.

I've never been into mount farming before. Frankly, it seemed too sadly similar to the lottery: investing time or money into something with an abysmal chance at payoff while clinging to the mantra of "You gotta be in it to win it." Yes, the chance of getting a rare mount is zero if you never bother running the dungeon, but it's not much higher than that even running it. And though it might not cost two dollars to do MSV, the time it takes to complete the instance while dragging along a bunch of fresh 90s adds up even more quickly than a couple of bucks a week.

Yet, my obsession with this mount coupled with the inherent murderous intent involved in killing bosses is downright Captain Ahab-ian except that instead of a white whale, it's a flying serpent made of stars. Maybe my guild should be watching for signs of my sanity slowly degrading into a monomaniacal suicide mission into the Engine of Nalak'sha.

Or they might just call me a noob for falling into it.


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