Thursday, August 28, 2014

Chasing the Astral Dragon

After a mere month and a half, I lost my Darkmaster title. However, I really couldn't care less since, this week, what once seemed like an RNG-ridden impossible dream at the beginning of this expansion has finally become virtual reality in the form of a dragon-shaped constellation with a certain warlock getting motion sickness on top of it.

After 125 kills, I finally tamed the great mechanical dragon Elegon, and he has been reborn into a stellar vehicle for the astral apotheosis of Starcaller Ayaliss; rider of the heavens, a celestial body cutting across the sky on a serpent made of stars, the ascendent hero freed by an eternal cosmic deity from the war and petty desires of earth to take her place in the glittering and infinite universe.

Yes, all of that foofy imagery was quite necessary because I GOT ELEGON'S MOUNT!!! And contrary to what other people might say, Mists of Pandaria is OVER!

-Starcaller Avia.

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