Monday, September 8, 2014

Gold and Health Pickup Radius is my favorite stat.

While other people breeze through leveling, sweeping through groups of mobs and then quickly moving on, I have a slightly different playing style.

In WoW, I can't resist bending down to loot a sparkling body in case it has something awesomely rare on it even if it was a level 5 mob that happened to hit my shaman's Lightning Shield while I rode through Elwynn Forest. Tucked away in my warlock's robes (next to a slightly risque photo of Jaina Proudmoore) is an old fortune card that reads "You'll never know until you loot." And contrary to the number displayed in my character tab, my seasonal demon hunter's damage is actually 0 since, while my lovely wizard friend is slaughtering an army of rift mobs, I'm busy picking up every blue item and then heading back to town to empty my inventory full of highly treasured crap. Thus, I am simultaneously pleased and tremulous to announce that I have just acquired the worst D3 item in all of Sanctuary for me and my Compulsive Looting Disorder.

Boon of the Hoarder, a.k.a. the golden shower gem.

If it wasn't bad enough that I couldn't leave alone a pile of 20g even if it was already across the screen behind my character because of something my wolf picked off, I now have mobs exploding with thousands of gold all over the place. Needless to say, my paragon leveling has almost completely halted when for every four mobs I kill, I then spend a greater amount of time rounding up all the gold they dropped. OG Priest has the same gem, and he doesn't even bother picking any of it up anymore. However, even though I'll eventually have more currency than I'll ever need, that doesn't mean that every piece of gold isn't equally precious, and I could never leave a single glinting coin just sitting in the middle of the Desolate Sands... when it could be in my bag instead.


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