Sunday, July 13, 2014

If only getting a teaching job was this simple.

I guess it is true what people say; English majors end up teaching.

School is in session, bitch!
After a year and a half, I finally possess the perfect warlock title, Darkmaster Ayaliss. Unfortunately, since I did kill the previous schoolmaster of Scholomance, it's looking like I have some new responsibilities.

Teaching Classes

So... I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to be teaching you guys. Gandling didn't exactly leave me a lesson plan before I Shadowburned his face. I'm assuming the curriculum had a lot to do with necromancy, but I'm not really into undead things, so we'll just start from the beginning of Demonology for Dummies and then move onto Practical Uses of Souls later in the semester. Advanced courses in Summoning Theory will also be available to gifted students interested in studying abroad in the Twisting Nether.

Hiring Staff

Now that I'm in charge of this institution, I need to make sure that the meat shields... I mean... the esteemed members of my staff are capable of defending the inner rooms where the innocent students, precious books, and, of course, I reside. Looking at your resume, you already seem more promising than the idiots who were protecting this area before and thought that differently dressed mirror images would fool people. Let me show you to the office that you'll now be guarding with your life.

Administrative Busywork

To-Do List: 1. File budget paperwork on annual tuition paid vs. student lifespan. 2. Attend board meeting to discuss possible creation of athletics department. (Tentative suggestions for team names: Fighting Felguards, Valiant Voidwalkers, Impotent Imps) 3. Organize fundraiser to finance renovation of school exterior and the conversion of Alexi Barov's room into a personal sauna. 4. Order more paper clips.

Getting Raided

It's like a damn PvP server in here. I'm not using my Soulstone until they leave.


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