Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'm getting ready to put some toys in my box.

Originally, I had planned to gripe about how yet another character that Blizzard told us was good is now turning into a villain, but then I got distracted by the collection-type organization of the Toy Box. Those sneaky bastards really know how to hijack my mind.

So I present to you, my cherished readers, the world's most basic spreadsheet: Avia's Toy Box.

Sample Usage. Keep track of what you have and where it is!

In this manually typed spreadsheet with no formulas whatsoever, I have listed all of the Toy Box items alphabetically and also by source for the purpose of making it easier to spend the next four months farming for them ahead of time. Get an early start while we're sitting around waiting for WoD and acquire all of the toys that drop from Pandaria rares before others realize they must also find meaning in their lives through filling in an online collection journal. Use this precious downtime to level a rogue on the opposite faction and pickpocket the entire world looking for a pair of dice for no other reason than making those sad, grayed-out space-holders light up in satisfying and gratifying completion. Stare longingly at the the few yet unreleased items and dream of the day when a follower returns to the garrison, bloodied and tired from from a soldier's mission, to place in one's hand the spoils of war... an autographed Hearthstone card.

One day...


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