Sunday, June 15, 2014

Wildstar made it easier to be a "Pie Vendor."

A guildie informed me of an amazing feature in Wildstar with which I'm going to have as much fun as possible in case the devs decide that it's abuse and remove it. After all, video games aren't about fun. They're about spending hours trying to figure out arbitary Gold objectives in buggy adventures. They're about learning to craft an item and then relying on RNG every single time to craft it again. They're about trying to click on the Commodities Exchange vendor when peoples' hoverbikes are camped on top of it. WTB collision detection.

Anyway, inspired by the fact that the first person to shell out the five gold to start our Wildstar guild went ahead and named it "CRISPY DONKEYTACOS," I found out that I can switch my nameplate affiliation with the name of one of my "Circles." They cost nothing to make, and I can have it say almost anything I want. Let the antics begin!

<Queen of Ratchet>
I never stop being queen of the goblins.

Professor Ayaliss
<Dept of Sentient Botany>
It seems pretty important to study talking vegetables.

<and the Snowmen>
Performing at my home lot every Saturday night.

 Ayaliss, PhD
<Free Pelvic Exams>
Gloves optional.


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