Sunday, June 8, 2014

I only watched enough Azeroth Choppers to see the results.

Having ripped myself away from Wildstar for a minute, I'm just dropping by to say how disappointed I am that the Horde chopper won. This isn't Alliance bias, and it's not because I think the Alliance chopper looked better, because it didn't. It's that even with all the player complaints that Blizzard does nothing but re-skin old models and never gives us anything new and unique, we all went ahead and voted the bike that's more aesthetically pleasing but at the same time less refreshing in design.

Personally, I thought the Horde bike looked a lot better in color and sleekness of shape, but it is too similar to the ones that we already have. On the other hand, the Alliance bike, while it could pass for a tricked out snowmobile, was the opportunity to get a completely original model into our game. Even though I'll enjoy having the Horde chopper in all of its boring attractiveness, it still feels like we lost out.

inb4 we get both.


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