Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Server Merge Scheduled. Party Hats On.

On Thursday, my crappy little realm is getting its first server merger, and I cannot wait until our piddling pool of players finally expands. Yes, in two days time, there will be a whole mass of new people from which to choose for competent raiders, alt content, and pugs of every kind. The auction house will fill with items that we usually never see, and the economy will boom as more and more buyers flood the market to spend their gold on our crap. Never again will we be left begging for a tank, any tank, LF 1 tank we don't even care what your ilvl is or if you click all of your action buttons just please help us. And if we ask for a port or transmute in trade, someone will actually answer besides trolls! Oh it will be a glorious day, this Thursday!

Is it all positives? Of course not. Already I'm cleaning up my ignore list in preparation, because I'm sure I will be putting a lot more new names on it. Soon, my carefully tuned trade chat void of all the worst offenders will be hosting plenty of new individuals vying for the role of biggest talking anus, and it will take time to sort out who is just excited about the merge and who will spew mind-dulling garbage out of his/her hands every time s/he types. It's a big job, but with these changes come new responsibilities, and if it's not determining which characters are capable enough to bring to alt runs or forging alliances with other guilds, it's figuring out who are the token asshats and auction house undercutters of our newly-connected realm. We're a community after all.

And I'm on neighborhood watch.


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