Thursday, January 9, 2014

Exciting Times in a New Guild

Guess what? After all those Braveheart theatrics last week, the priest and I found a new guild anyway and transferred off.

Yea yea, go ahead and try to say that we abandoned them, but believe me that almost all of them are simply relieved to not have to endure Blackfuse anymore. Now they can finally go off and farm D3 and chase tail all they want without dragging themselves begrudgingly to raid and alt-tabbing Hearthstone the whole time.

Why do I say "almost all of them" are relieved? Because there is always that one angry guy who feels betrayed, but it's not because we left the guild during progression. Actually, he thought that the three of us were going to find a new guild together. Now, for some reason, he feels entitled to be all emo mad like a hypocrite when we saw him applying for guilds by himself a week ago. Caught.

Anyway, the new guild is 25 man, and it is a huge adjustment after raiding with a close-knit 10 man group of RL friends and people who have played together for years. It's daunting to now have to get to know people in a 25 man setting. I'm finding it difficult to approach anyone, and I can't even look at that list of names in Mumble and think of opening my mouth and putting the spotlight on myself. Unfortunately, I also feel a pressure to get noticed and stand out as more than just a number on a DPS meter since right now that number isn't so great. You try being thrown into H Garrosh and killing him without ever practicing phase 4. I was so nervous, my stomach figured I was being chased by a lion on the Serengeti and stopped working.

It's still early, so hopefully OG Priest and I will settle in with time. That OG stands for "Old Guild" by the way, not "Original Gangster."

Maybe it's both.


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