Sunday, October 6, 2013

Camp camp camp camp.

Day 7

I have set up camp on a patch of grass on the banks of the Blood Pools. Already, it has been five days since I enticed an albatross to carry me up to this isolated lake, and I have spent every waking hour waiting for the red-stained water elements to coalesce into an angry spirit named Garnia. Plenty of other heroes have joined me, occasionally dropping down from the sky in a shared attempt to acquire a living droplet of the spirit. The constant sunset of the Timeless Isle makes the days run together, and I sometimes lose myself staring into the shallow water until the sound of battle rouses me. I have been living on grass and Imperial Silk sandwiches for two days.

Day 16

Though I have escaped the Blood Pools and rejoined the war against the Yaungol on the main isle, the great black serpent that circles the Blazing Way has been tempting me with the prospect of harnessing his power between my legs. I have seen many people try to subdue him, only to receive a breath of lightning to the face, forcefully sprayed from the mouth of the long sinewy beast. I must figure out how to coax the black dragon into letting me ride him. Hopefully, I can handle such a large and wild cloud serpent and do not end up bucked off or ripped in twain.

Day 27

I am on the hunt for a jade fire spirit. The Cave of Lost Spirits is damp, winding, and full of dangerous creatures. Everywhere I turn, there are mysterious magical fires, powerful living flames, and strange shambling lake creatures. The conditions in this cave are borderline unbearable, but I will not falter. I am ready to camp for weeks if that is what it takes to... OH CRAP THE DARKMOON FAIRE!

Day 27

There'sh a lot of wolvesh and a lot of boozezez.


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