Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mature Language Filter and the most fun I've had all patch.

When patch 4.3 broke the Mature Language Filter to make it constantly turn itself back on, I moved quickly past the initial irritation of not being able to understand half of what my potty-mouth friends say to amusement and amazement at the everyday discoveries of what Blizzard considers "offensive" language. Even though a blue post has since given us a way to keep it from switching on again once we log off, I have yet to implement the little self-hotfix in favor of the enlightening glimpses into the mind of Blizz, who apparently thinks the word "porn" is so dangerous to the internet-savvy little eyes of WoW youth that they even filter the words "p0rn" and "pr0n." Whoever was leading the MLF team, give him/her a gold star for thoroughness.

Some of their choices for filtered words are either confusing or just nonsensical. For some reason, a small percentage of players, including myself, can see the name "Hitler" while it's filtered for everyone else. Ignoring the fact that it's just someone's name and not an actual racial slur, why the fuck does Blizz think that I should be able to see it and not the majority of others? Either they think I'm a Nazi or they are absolutely certain that I'm not a Nazi. Also, I'm genuinely annoyed and slightly peeved that words like "penis" and "vagina" are censored while "dick" and "pussy" are not. Come on, Blizz. "Penis" and "vagina" are medical terms. They're what people would call genitalia when they're not being vulgar. You can't even use them while cybering without sounding like a creeper.

"I put my penis in your vagina."
"... what?"
"Um... I mean... I put on my robe and wizard hat?"

Anyway, my guild and I found an awesome game to play with the MLF. Everyone leave it on, one person type a word into gchat, and have everyone else guess what it is. Four-letter words are plentiful but easy to guess, so try longer ones. I stumped one of my guildies for twenty minutes before he finally guessed "masturbation." Good clean fun, all thanks to Blizz. <333


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