Sunday, December 4, 2011


How does this match?
Patch 4.3 is finally live, and many players (including myself T_T) are finding out that what they had thought were amazing outfits for mogging are actually hideous to others. On Tuesday's raid, I got to see what my teammates considered high Azerothian fashion, and it led me to believe that much more than 8% of the human population is colorblind. Of course, fashion is subjective, and one can say that currently the whole WoW community is pushing the boundaries of avant-garde wearable art. Then again, some individuals are just in dire need of some womanly/metro assistance, like the "female" human mage who was trying desperately to wear Robes of the Guardian Saint in his main set but ended up the eyesore of Dragon Soul (see right). A member of Team Tits later helped him match his outfit appropriately, and now he looks pretty cute... or as cute as one can look in teal.

Unfortunately, I was not immune to the derision of such critics or, as I like to call them, "haters." A common comment that many moggers hear is that we look like low-level n00bs, but personally, I think my pally looks pretty "classic" in her recolored Valor. Besides, I would imagine this has high utility in a battleground since the enemy is unaware that the player coming at him/her in full Tier 1 is actually hiding full Vicious gear. That is... until s/he gets mysteriously roflpwn'd with what looks like an Arcanite Reaper.

For my druid's outfits, which I spent the last four months farming BC raids and 2-manning Ulduar to assemble, I received mixed reviews. My friend saw my "family-friendly" set and called me "Sailor Moon," which I took as a compliment. But then I showed him my "free-spirited/liberation of the female form" set, and he said I looked like a night elf hussy! I had to run BT every single week since news of transmog came out for that damn blindfold to even drop once, goddamnit!

So far, the only outfit that has gotten popular approval is my lock's "yup. that's a lock." set, complete with an actual Headmaster's Charge, the original "warlock" weapon! As my main, she has multiple outfits, which I'm a little hesitant to show off now that people have universally complimented the first one. I mean... my fragile ego might not be able to take a 25-man raid team making fun of the way I dress. I already get enough of that in real life...

For the record, I think I dress fine. >: (


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