Sunday, August 21, 2011

Patch 4.3 is going to be so fab.

Outfits aren't just for ERP anymore.

Deathwing is coming, but nobody cares because everyone is busy pulling out the RP clothes they denied having all this time. The news of transmogrification has turned everyone in WoW metro, and it is highly amusing, at least for me. The typical vent chatter for my guild has veered away from vulgar yet clever threats on the integrity of people's sphincters to what instances someone has to run to get a matching belt and hat for his maroon robe. If only this was permanent. My GM is way too fond of assholes and vomit.

As for me, I of course already owned several sets of town clothes before the news hit though I do have to go back to BWL for all the Nemesis I vendored in Wrath. Also, since the items need to have some kind of stat to work, I'm on the lookout for a replacement for my Knitted Sandals that don't look like a fashion faux pas.

With my infinitely wise delegation of my free time, I composed a little wishlist of loot with the instances I need. Together with my guildies, I've run every BC raid for the week with moderate success. I'm growing slightly obsessed with the sword that drops off of M'uru because it'd be the perfect weapon for my priestly/Light-wielding, worgen persecutor set, and I want it sooo badly. My friend asked why I don't just buy the Season 4 rogue weapon with the same model for 200 honor, but the colors are all wrong. The COLORS!

I've never felt so in tune with well-groomed twenty-something heterosexual men before.


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